Annual Bash photo dump! More fun at the rodeo grounds including a crawling block party, tours of some epic rigs (like popcorn Jeff’s van, pictured), gallons of jungle juice in the party section, more presentations, awning help from @toughtopawnings, and last but not least... drunk Marshall! 😂🤩

Annual Bash photo dump! More...

Today was an all-day mimosa fest with friends, rounded off with fake tattoos and a night keeping it real in @theflippingnomad’s rig, admiring her endless hard work. Bonus excitement, besides finally seeing this beauty in person- seeing that the Ultimate, her RV concept with Keystone, uses some of the same tile as @dustydeezel’s bathroom #imdead #ontrend #blacktilesareinyall #lowesforthewin

Sunday funday definitely lived up to its name today!! Even if we’re all paying for it by passing around this cruddy desert cold. 🤧😷 #xscapersbash2020 #sundayfunday #letstalkrenovations #xscaperstherapy #butwhatpaintdoyouuse

Today was an all-day mimosa...

SLAYING with Hollie from @thenerdynomads 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #80snight #xscapersbash2020 #fulltimerv #rvlife #fulltimetravel #nomad #nomadlifestyle

SLAYING with Hollie from @thenerdynomads...

Trying to post more in real time.. happy day 1 of the Xscapers Bash! It’s 80’s prom night... I was born for this! 😜

#80snight #xscapersbash2020 #yolo

Trying to post more in...

I don’t know her exact birthday.. but my babygirl turns 10 this month. 😭 I don’t know how to feel about that. She has been by my side for almost ALL of my 20s and I’m so happy to have such an awesome adventure sidekick. Faithful, playful, protective, whip smart and silly - I love this girl and am ecstatic that I’ve been able to take her from a pound in LA to some of the most beautiful, wild locations in the country. 💜

#rescuedog #adventurdog #adoptdontshop #dogmom #grandtetons #wyoming #boondocking #homeonwheels #tinyliving #vanlifedog #nomadlifestyle #nomadlife #dogswhohike

I don’t know her exact...

I almost forgot to add NYE to my timeline. It was a pretty crazy night in the desert.. amazing that Xscapers can set up a night like that for free!! I have so many fun videos of friends dancing that would probably bore you so I’ll just post a taste :) #NYE #nomadlifestyle #fultimerv #xscapers

I almost forgot to add...

Someday I’ll fix that darn awning. 😅 But first... sunsets! This was the first sunset of the year for me, and a really great way to start the year.

#nomadlife #nomadlifestyle #nomad #rvlife #homeonwheels #homeiswhereyouparkit #traveldog #desertdog #desertmagic #rvliving #fulltimerv

Someday I’ll fix that darn...

The last few weeks (months maybe?) have been such a whirlwind of activity that I’ve barely had time to sit and appreciate everything happening.

Right now I’m looking back at Christmas in awe of the holiday setup we had in the middle of the desert.

I mean, c’mon. When I started RVing, this stuff was nowhere to be found in the depths of my imagination!

One of my focus areas for the new year is to get back into hobbies for the sake of hobbies, so while I’m figuring out what that is, you’ll probably be seeing more photo edits here. 🤓 I hope your new year is kicking off to a great start and I’m excited to start sharing more again!

#adventure #desertlife #desertmagic #wanderlust #strangeadventures #nomadlife #nomadlifestyle #digitalnomad #digitalnomadchristmas #merica #publiclands #homeiswhereyouparkit

The last few weeks (months...

Trying to Blog When You Have the Attention Span of a Mouse

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Hellooooo, dear readers!

I was going to write a post about Crater Lake National Park, but have gone into a wormhole, so I’ve decided to explain (in part) why I blog so infrequently.

As some of you may know, I work online for a living, managing the digital marketing activities of small businesses. So at times I take online work very seriously. But when it comes to my own blog… it’s a bit like a chef trying to cook at home, y’know’wht’am’sayin’?

So here is how my morning thought process has gone so far… all to write one blog…

  1. I should write a blog! Let’s start with my most recent trip, Crater Lake…..
  2. I should really figure out a better way to add pictures to my blog, since my photography is getting better. I wonder if I should use Flickr?
  3. *Starts Googling the best way to integrate Flickr with WordPress*
  4. Gosh yaknow, if I’m going to be taking this more seriously and using Flickr to integrate to WordPress.. should I watermark my images so that people don’t steal them from Flickr?
  5. *Starts Googling watermarking/copyright protection*
  6. Okay I’ve decided I shouldn’t rely on watermarking. Maybe I should find one of those reverse image search services so that I can just be notified instead of having to worry about it?
  7. *Starts Googling copyright protection services*
  8. Hmm, this looks like a good website. Let me see what others think.
  9. *Reads 5 useless blogs criticizing minor annoyances on the service I’m checking out*
  10. Well that sounds good! I’ll sign up!
  11. (During sign up)… gosh my glasses lenses sure are getting scratchy. It’s a little hard to see this sign up form, and it’ll be hard to see my images while I do all of this and blog.
  12. *Starts Googling whether I can use car scratch remover on glasses*

At this point I’ve realized I’m not going to get a blog about Crater Lake done today, because I’m about to go try some scratch polish on my glasses before I even put “pen to paper.”

So wish me luck with my personal-blog mouse-brain. Hopefully you’ll get a real post soon! I just gotta get these scratches out of my glasses first…

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