Anybody else feel a little guilty sharing travel pics? Maybe that’s part of why I’ve slowed down with posting every little thing.. Baja is amazing and I don’t want to rub it in your face. But I guess that’s why there’s an unfollow button. Just remember you are only seeing the highlight reel. 😅 
So here’s where we’re parked right now, and this is high tide. It’s pretty wild how far out and close up the water comes.

You can spot miss Trixi in the passenger window.. she loves the beach and watching the waves just as much as the humans do!

We’ve been completely spoiled traveling in bae’s new rig for this trip. It fits all 3 dogs dogs + 2 humans pretty fantastically - but now that I’ve been here and seen the beach camping, I’m dreaming of downsizing to a perfect Baja-ready tiny rig. Something bigger than a van, but smaller and more nimble than my 27 footer old beast! Maybe a truck camper? Maybe just a smaller class c? Or a custom 4x4 passenger van? So many dreams to dream 😍

Anybody else feel a little...

This is my front step right now! 😵

I’ve been in San Felipe for 2 weeks and we’re heading south soon to hit Guerrero Negro, Mulege, and every other part we can feast our eyes on throughout this beautiful peninsula*

I know I’ve barely scratched the surface and this has already been one of my favorite RV adventures. The pace of life here is whatever you make of it. The culture is a brand new experience. The food is crazy cheap and delicious.

Next up are whales, maybe some hot springs, orange filled groves, and hopefully catching up with friends who are all over the Baja peninsula ahead of us! *must have cell service ;)

This is my front step...

Hello, I am a poncho with legs and this is my cactus friend, Big-Prick. 😛

Hello, I am a poncho...

Family photo 🤦🏻‍♀️Trying to get my dog to look at the camera on the beach... futile. 😂 It’s windy today but we’ve have some perfect weather and I’m in fricking love with just lazing here - Trixi is too.

Family photo 🤦🏻‍♀️Trying to get...

My beach baby 💜

My beach baby 💜

✨THOUGHT EXPERIMENT✨Can you imagine, for a moment, that we’ve traded physical bodies?
That you now live in mine and I now live in yours?
How would your assumptions and preconceived notions about me feel, if you now lived in my body - one I didn’t choose?

And how would you feel about me knowing your body as well?

I encourage this trading-places experiment because, in the last year, I’ve really felt the weight of how a preconceived notion can impact so many little areas of life, and the beach has helped to reflect on this a bit more and figure out how to say this.

Sure, I often feign goofiness and fun to avoid intimidating others (because that’s what we’re conditioned to do, when us vag-owners are capable of such scary things as installing solar and changing tires, right?) but let’s be serious for a second - please evaluate how you view young women (yes, even you, my fellow chicas) - and whether you think of us as peers or as [insert assumption based on your own fears and insecurities and conditioning.. pick your poison.] Millennial women are a valid population whether you like it or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yes, even the partying, the too-pretty-to-be-friends-with, the too-quiet-and-weird, the dont-wear-enough-makeup, the wear-too-much-makeup, and the constantly-instagramming women.

I guess my point is really that whatever crutch you use to write us off, is your issue... not ours. Sure it’s easy to validate your projections when you make them someone else’s problem - esp. when societal norms back you up - which is why I really want to ask you to try to trade places with me and whatever assumptions you have about my life as a millennial, female digital nomad, and ask yourself if they still feel valid.

I didn’t choose this age or this body. So is it still fair to be respected or taken seriously any less than anyone else? Ex.. a 45 yr old white male lawyer? 🤔

Just something that has been on my mind. We’ gonna live a satisfying life either way. So are you gonna join us in having fun, drinking margs, etc while still rocking business and technical shit, or do ya just wanna sit in your blindfold and keep acting surprised each time we display multifaceted capabilities?

✨THOUGHT EXPERIMENT✨Can you imagine, for...

Buenos dias desde San Felipe 🤩 We had a nice morning walk on the beach and Trixi enjoyed digging at clam bubbles for a bit... until she talked @_skych’s Scout into running around like hooligans and murdering a large seagull in broad daylight. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Other than that, it was a peaceful coffee-and-sunshine laden morning.

Buenos dias desde San Felipe...

Mexico is rough so far. ;) It’s my baby @dustydeezel’s birthday, we’re parked at a gorgeous beach with a bar that delivers breakfast burritos to be RVs via walkie talkie, and a man who delivers pina coladas to you at your beach work office in a frickin pineapple. Not to mention amazing internet speeds (but let’s not talk about the setup frustration. 😅) Life is hella good. 💜

Mexico is rough so far....

On Real Community

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I’m very good at not posting when something is top of mind, usually because I don’t have time to sit down and write out my feelings to the degree that I would prefer. However I need to get it out even if it doesn’t do the moment justice. So today I am writing about community.

When I began RVing, I was searching for adventure, freedom, growth, and knowledge. Ever since connecting with the Xscsapers, I have gained so much more.

Despite all fulltime RVers being completely independent units, whether solo or coupled up, we have a real community on the road. One that rivals any other community I’ve been a part of in my life. One that matches, if not rivals, the community you’d find in a large extended family.

You see, despite our mobility and our penchant for hitch itch and being on the move, there is an instant connection between fulltimers from a mind boggling variety of walks of life, because it takes a truly unique mindset to decide on fulltime RVing in the first place. When you start, you think you’re alone, but once you meet others, it’s easy to see there are plenty of people out there who think the same way – people you would’ve never guessed are “on your level”, valuing the same deep beliefs and drives in life.

So when we come together in a group like the Xscapers, which is a far cry from the traditional stereotype of old retired snowbirds as typical RVers, MAGIC HAPPENS.


We share our tools. We share our food. There are constant suggestions for a myriad of activities, which you can choose to participate in at your liesure, or not, without judgement. We share support where family members and significant others may not be able to because they can’t comprehend the lifestyle. We have random last minute potlucks and barbecues at the top of precarious mountains for sunset, or outside of a neighbor’s van on a Wednesday because we can. We help each other through our mental and physical struggles. We share our triumphs and our failures. We trade physical goods. We loan forgotten items without second thought.


This last few weeks some of us have been stationary in one area and it has just become an incredible little neighborhood. Although we know it’s temporary, and we may have different neighbor’s next time, the connections are there forever and I’ve gained a newfound respect and understanding of the word COMMUNITY.

What if every block in America knew each other to this degree and cared for each other this much?

My parents recently moved into a new house, and a weekend after the move, a neighbor boy commited suicide in his backyard. Would thay have happened had the block been an intertwined community of support and sharing?

Can we decrease violence and depression by learning how to reconnect with our fellow human beings?

Can we improve the lives of all around us by sharing in the tools and goods we have instead of constantly buying new or relying on our own, with everyone owning the same damn thing 50 times over?

Does EVERYONE on one block really need a lawnmower and a drill, or could we have community libraries that support This?

In a home, we are protected by our comfort zone and creature comforts and we become creatures of protection and defense and the ive-got-mine, get-off-my-lawn mentality.

In full time RV life, everyone is on their own in terms of survival, personal responsibility, etc – yet we come together to share because we understand that this survival thing is easier (and more enjoyable) with more minds and hands on each task. So people that you might no4mally write off in “real” life become best friends and great neighbors, even if that connection becomes purely digital for times in between.

That’s it for now as I don’t have organized thoughts on how to end this or what to take from it, other than we’re all human and I think our modern society could really benefit from closer connections and more purposeful communities.

As I write, my neighbors are helping a couple install their new hitch gear.


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