My life is a joke right now, here is where my head is at😅 (Hopefully I’ll look back at this in a year and go “aww haha remember when that felt like it was gonna last forever?”) Day 70-something of isolation. I only know because FB friends keep track. Things are starting to get weird. I bought an oversized visor and pair it with my weird Walmart poncho because this Colorado sun is insanely intense. (Never thought you’d hear me say that, eh mom?) I am shopping for crocs. I feel like one of those bears you see in a zoo, mindlessly circling in its little cage out of boredom. I wake up to take care of my dog and click clack away on the computer. And stuff my face hole. I am tired of cooking and thinking of what to cook to stuff in my face hole. Sometimes I lay in the hammock before, during, or after stuffing my face hole. Sometimes I feel like we are all just earth viruses, convincing ourselves that our lives have purpose when maybe we’re all just here to stuff our face holes and pillage more earth? 😳

I miss the views and neighbors from my last spot and wonder how long I’ll last in the woods with nothing but plants to look at. Plants are nice, don’t get me wrong, but... plants plants plants. Pflanzen, auf deutsch. 
I can like actively feel covid-pression settling in. I’m having a hard time remembering what the point of everything I usually do is. Sometimes I half-heartedly plan RV upgrades or bookmark makeover stuff or travel ideas but then I wonder... besides sitting here in the woods, when am I actually going to RV again, as a verb, and is this worth the time/effort/bandwidth? Clearly the lack of travel/new experiences is taking its toll. Or maybe the senior club visor is having an effect on my brain. Sigh. Like, really? Travel/socialization is THAT necessary for me? 
Ultimately I don’t think I’d still be RVing if it wasn’t for joining @xscapers. A year of solitude was fine when I started but I’m not built for that long term. And now that everything is called off, life feels very upside down, like watching an hourglass that’s taking forever without even knowing what happens when it ends.

That odd description is where I’m at right now.🤣 2020.. you bastard!!

My life is a joke...

I feel like this is how you get ticks. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Still hammock heaven!! @enohammocks #outdoors #heaven #hammocklife

I feel like this is...

Life is so weird you guys. I feel like the universe conspired to put me in a perfect new place this week, filled with wildflowers and sunshine and peace and chickens and dogs and new friends. I’m filled with gratitude on so many levels.

I want to leave you with this.... “A wolf in sheep’s clothing will tend to not smile as much as people who live authentically and tell the truth no matter the consequences. There is a huge strain on their conscience, and consequently makes them feel like they have two tons of bricks weighing down on them.

This enormous pressure must come out somehow, and it usually reveals itself on their face. Watch the person in question’s facial expressions – you will probably notice that they don’t really show much emotion. Stories eventually eat people up on the inside, and their usual temperament is a telling sign of how they really feel.” I am probably an expert in wolf-spotting now and am grateful to have that under my belt. 😜

Life is so weird you...

My outdoor living room is a set of hammocks. Trixi loves to lay near me and nibble on soft grass and shimmy on her back to get some good scratchinz. 🤩
#colorado #tinyliving #rvlife

My outdoor living room is...

Am I dreaming? No? Not a bad landing spot to ride this twilight zone out.

Am I dreaming? No? Not...

Today we left the desert. It was my first time driving for any significant amount of time since New Year’s Eve, since my rig was in storage while in Mexico. Either I have terrible driving stamina, or my rig is really hard to drive, because today’s drive was a struggle. I think both. And not having AC in almost 90 degrees doesn’t help. .
Since getting back 6 weeks ago, we’ve been sitting in one spot trying to secure a safe place to move to next in one go, to avoid unnecessary travel at all costs. This means we way overstayed our BLM limit - 6 weeks instead of 2 - which while I feel guilty about, was the best choice for isolating. I am grateful to the BLM for their lenience during this time - I didn’t see any enforcement. Maybe we just didn’t get caught.. who knows. Either way I am beyond appreciative.
The desert is the best, most magical, beautiful, peaceful spot to go if you need to unwind from craziness around you. It was perfect and serene and beautiful.
Out of the past 6 weeks until today, I only interacted with ONE outsider to pick up my mail. Today in one drive day, I had to interact with 3, none of whom seemed to understand “don’t invade my space” and “don’t breathe on me.” I have, however, seen a few thousand bees (holy bee swarms, do NOT keep any doors or windows open in springtime in the desert) and maybe a snake.
I’ll miss the warmth and the flowers and being able to wear a tank top and shorts at 7am.
It was difficult to drive past so many beautiful places today that I would’ve normally loved to stop at and stay a few weeks. What a different RVing world we’re in now, compared to the carefree years I spent stopping wherever I wanted. 😭

Today we left the desert....

Here is a friendly reminder. It costs you nothing to treat other people with respect.

Here is a friendly reminder....

Is it just me or are noseprints on a window like a love letter from a dog? 😋
I suppose it’s a good time to start sharing old photos here since we’re all stuck in isolation, huh?
The Tetons are seriously one of my favorite places to visit. The mountains are breathtaking. Did you know that the reason they’re so jagged and extreme is because they’re a relatively young mountain range that hasn’t been worn down yet? And yes... Grand Teton means big titties. 😂

Is it just me or...

Glacier National Park Part 2: The Grinnell Glacier Trail Hike

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If you’ve never seen a glacier up close and personal, the Grinnell Glacier Trail is a must-hike trail when visiting Glacier National Park.

Is it for the faint of heart? … No.

Is it epic? … Yes.

To see the other photos from my Glacier National Park visit in Sep 2016, visit this post. To read on about just the Grinnel Glacier Trail (and our almost-grizzly encounter)… read on!!

The trail starts easily enough as you pass Swiftcurrent Lake from the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead, which is close to the St. Mary (East) side of Glacier National Park.

Soon you start to see warnings for the wildlife in this area!

As the trail ascends, you’ll walk along mountainous cliff-sides that are rugged and beautiful.

You’ll probably see a bunch of pronghorn sheep, too!

As you climb in elevation, you’ll see grand views of Lower Grinnell Lake which is a mysterious and fascinating blue-green color. This is due to the sun’s reflection off the sediment in the water that comes from the glacier ice as it melts.

Soon enough as you keep rounding corners and heading higher, glaciers will come into view. Watch out for grizzlies, and don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights!

Oh, the big horn sheep need to be avoided, too!

Once you reach the glacier a few hours later, you’ll be exhausted but impressed. I was actually expecting the glacier to be a bit bigger, but it was still really cool.

We didn’t walk on the glacier ice or walk up close to it as you can fall through if you can’t see a crevice, and we were running short on daylight to get back.

Those big horn sheep are no joke!!

Neither are the cliffsides!


Shortly after the above photo was taken, a hiker who had been behind us called out to us to warn us of a grizzly bear we had just passed within 6 feet on the left. The trail was below the field on the left of us, and the grass was so high, that we didn’t see it!

I was really bummed but also elated to have missed it!

Fun fact: remember Jack Hanna from TV? Apparently he was charged by a grizzly bear on a narrow cliffside portion of the Grinnell Glacier Trail! I’m glad we didn’t have to experience that. 😀

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