My life is a joke right now, here is where my head is at😅 (Hopefully I’ll look back at this in a year and go “aww haha remember when that felt like it was gonna last forever?”) Day 70-something of isolation. I only know because FB friends keep track. Things are starting to get weird. I bought an oversized visor and pair it with my weird Walmart poncho because this Colorado sun is insanely intense. (Never thought you’d hear me say that, eh mom?) I am shopping for crocs. I feel like one of those bears you see in a zoo, mindlessly circling in its little cage out of boredom. I wake up to take care of my dog and click clack away on the computer. And stuff my face hole. I am tired of cooking and thinking of what to cook to stuff in my face hole. Sometimes I lay in the hammock before, during, or after stuffing my face hole. Sometimes I feel like we are all just earth viruses, convincing ourselves that our lives have purpose when maybe we’re all just here to stuff our face holes and pillage more earth? 😳

I miss the views and neighbors from my last spot and wonder how long I’ll last in the woods with nothing but plants to look at. Plants are nice, don’t get me wrong, but... plants plants plants. Pflanzen, auf deutsch. 
I can like actively feel covid-pression settling in. I’m having a hard time remembering what the point of everything I usually do is. Sometimes I half-heartedly plan RV upgrades or bookmark makeover stuff or travel ideas but then I wonder... besides sitting here in the woods, when am I actually going to RV again, as a verb, and is this worth the time/effort/bandwidth? Clearly the lack of travel/new experiences is taking its toll. Or maybe the senior club visor is having an effect on my brain. Sigh. Like, really? Travel/socialization is THAT necessary for me? 
Ultimately I don’t think I’d still be RVing if it wasn’t for joining @xscapers. A year of solitude was fine when I started but I’m not built for that long term. And now that everything is called off, life feels very upside down, like watching an hourglass that’s taking forever without even knowing what happens when it ends.

That odd description is where I’m at right now.🤣 2020.. you bastard!!

My life is a joke...

I feel like this is how you get ticks. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Still hammock heaven!! @enohammocks #outdoors #heaven #hammocklife

I feel like this is...

My outdoor living room is a set of hammocks. Trixi loves to lay near me and nibble on soft grass and shimmy on her back to get some good scratchinz. 🤩
#colorado #tinyliving #rvlife

My outdoor living room is...

Am I dreaming? No? Not a bad landing spot to ride this twilight zone out.

Am I dreaming? No? Not...

Today we left the desert. It was my first time driving for any significant amount of time since New Year’s Eve, since my rig was in storage while in Mexico. Either I have terrible driving stamina, or my rig is really hard to drive, because today’s drive was a struggle. I think both. And not having AC in almost 90 degrees doesn’t help. .
Since getting back 6 weeks ago, we’ve been sitting in one spot trying to secure a safe place to move to next in one go, to avoid unnecessary travel at all costs. This means we way overstayed our BLM limit - 6 weeks instead of 2 - which while I feel guilty about, was the best choice for isolating. I am grateful to the BLM for their lenience during this time - I didn’t see any enforcement. Maybe we just didn’t get caught.. who knows. Either way I am beyond appreciative.
The desert is the best, most magical, beautiful, peaceful spot to go if you need to unwind from craziness around you. It was perfect and serene and beautiful.
Out of the past 6 weeks until today, I only interacted with ONE outsider to pick up my mail. Today in one drive day, I had to interact with 3, none of whom seemed to understand “don’t invade my space” and “don’t breathe on me.” I have, however, seen a few thousand bees (holy bee swarms, do NOT keep any doors or windows open in springtime in the desert) and maybe a snake.
I’ll miss the warmth and the flowers and being able to wear a tank top and shorts at 7am.
It was difficult to drive past so many beautiful places today that I would’ve normally loved to stop at and stay a few weeks. What a different RVing world we’re in now, compared to the carefree years I spent stopping wherever I wanted. 😭

Today we left the desert....

Here is a friendly reminder. It costs you nothing to treat other people with respect.

Here is a friendly reminder....

Is it just me or are noseprints on a window like a love letter from a dog? 😋
I suppose it’s a good time to start sharing old photos here since we’re all stuck in isolation, huh?
The Tetons are seriously one of my favorite places to visit. The mountains are breathtaking. Did you know that the reason they’re so jagged and extreme is because they’re a relatively young mountain range that hasn’t been worn down yet? And yes... Grand Teton means big titties. 😂

Is it just me or...

Hey road family! Today I launched a website @nomadparky aimed at helping full timers find a safe landing pad during this craziness.

The problem? IT’S EMPTY. It needs people like you to get the word out, so people with parking spaces, land, or campsites can add their listings to make it a useful resource.

If you know of someone who might have a safe place for an RVer to hunker down, whether for free or for rent, please share this with them and ask them to become a host.

You can specify everything from max RV size to whether there are hookups (and what kind!) and whether you are hosting ONLY as a COVID refuge, or just in general.

Feel free to share this post and hopefully this turns into something we can all use 💛

Hey road family! Today I...

DIY iPad Case! or: How to Keep Your Really Expensive Toy Safe (on a budget!)

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I was recently gifted an amazing thing… an iPad mini.  (Squeee!)  I knew right away that I needed to get a case for it, especially because I couldn’t put it down and felt the need to bring it everywhere with me.. but after a few hours of searching Amazon & Pinterest, I realized that none of the overpriced, generic cases could do it any justice.  And so it began (yes I just started a sentence with and, get over it) – the DIY iPad case journey was ON, baby!

DIY iPad Case at

Somewhere in the corners of my mind I vaguely remembered seeing a video about how the Dodocase was made, and set out to find a DIY example of a case as proof that I could conquer this new endeavor with the idea that a little bit of glue, elbow grease, and a screen-printing squeegee could make my iPad case dreams come true.  Pinterest led me to Brandon from the Modern Day Pirates, and lo and behold, he had the same thought about the Dodocase and created a moleskine-type ipad case very similar to what I had in mind! So, I had my proof, and set out to gathering materials. Yipee!!

Here is roughly what you’ll need:

  • Something for the bones of the case. You can use binder’s board like Brandon did – ordered offline or found in a craft store (if you’re lucky), one of those vinyl-covered thin binders that you can find everywhere, or an old book. I happened to find a book that extended perfectly just beyond my iPad for about $2 at Goodwill, so I used that.
  • Something for the outside of the case. I had a few choices, consisting of old materials and large totes that I was willing to sacrifice for the sake of the perfect material. I settled on some leftover snakeskin vinyl (looks like leather!) from my DIY headboard.
  • Something for the inside of the case.  Any paper of decent thickness will do. I used a really pretty tiffany blue-ish cardstock that I found at Michael’s for ~$1.
  • Something to hold your iPad in.  Elastic was my choice! Brandon used little strips of leather. I like the elastic because it stretches and reaaaallly holds the iPad in. Again, I got this from Michael’s. You’ll also need some type of cardstock square to attach this to before covering the case.
  • Something to tear it all apart, to the right proportions. You’ll need tools to cut your materials (depending on what they are.) For me this was scissors for the vinyl and an exacto knife for the paper and the book destruction. Bonus – metal ruler for exact-exacto-ing.
  • Something to put it all together, that will stick. I used a combination of Martha Stewart’s craft glue from Michael’s and ModPodge. Any PVA (from what I’ve read… white) glue will do!
  • Precision, patience, and lots of books and weights!!  The reason this project turned out so awesome for me is because I really took my time to get everything right, and I used LOTS of weights/books/whatever I could find to press the pieces together whenever necessary for glueing.

Ok, here we go!

  1. Prep the bones of the iPad! If you’re using binder board, cut it to the size you want. (Prep for me meant finding the perfect book and then tearing out every page of said book.. man, does that feel wrong!!)DIY iPad Case Step 1: Destroy a book!
  2. Next, I prepped, measured, glued, and attached the elastic bands.
    So first, I taped the cardstock square I was using for attached the elastic bands to the iPad case. It doesn’t matter exactly where.. just as long as it stays in the same place, relatively, as you measure the elastic for each corner.DIY iPad Case Step 2: Prep & Set Elastic - Monrogue
    The picture can probably explain this better, but literally, the steps are:2.1. Tape cardboard square

    2.2. Measure and cut elastic – glue to the cardboard paper square. *NOTE – I did NOT leave the paper square attached while gluing. I actually made little marks where the elastic should go while it was still taped, then removed the square, and glued where the marks were.

    2.3. Once the elastic is dry, make sure that all 4 corners fit when attached to the iPad.

    2.4. Lay the iPad in the book (or on the binding board) to mark where the square will go. This is important since we didn’t line it up when taping it to the back of the iPad – the alignment that matters is the IPAD’S, not the cardstock. So lay the iPad in there, undo the elastic while holding it in place, gently lift the iPad, and mark where the square is going.Then, glue the card down and BURY IT IN THE HEAVIEST FLAT SHIT YOU CAN FIND. No, seriously though. Put a lot of weight on it until it’s dry. 🙂

  3. Next, it’s time to measure and cut your exterior material, then glue it on. I brushed the glue onto the cardboard of the book, and used a screen printing squeegee to help me lay it effectively without bubbles, from one end to the other. DIY iPad Case Step 3: Glue the outside cover - Monrogue
  4. After that is mostly dry (don’t forget to add weight whenever drying!), it’s time for the inside edges. This was a bit difficult with this material because it’s thicker – obviously… it was used on a headboard! So I actually squeegee-d each edge individually (folding the corners in like wrapping paper, and trimming where needed) and added a weight to each one for a few minutes before moving on to the next. Once all were reasonably tacky enough to stay down for more than 10 seconds without a weight, I added books/weights/everything I could find while we went out for food. DIY iPad Case Step 4: Glue the inside edges - Monrogue
  5. Now for the exciting, pretty part! This step is easy – just measure and cut your inside material/cardstock paper to size. I did mine 1/4 inch less than the book on each side (so measure from end to end and subtract 1/2 inch. Do this for each length.)DIY iPad Case Step 5: Measure/cut inside cardstock - Monrogue
  6. Once the paper is measured, you’ll want to lay it approximately where it will end, and cut neat slits to pull the elastic strips through.DIY iPad Case Step 6: Cut holes for elastic
  7. Finally.. glue the cardstock down (I used ModPodge specifically for this step), weight it, and let it dry. Now you are ready for AWESOME-IPAD-CASE-NESS!DIY iPad Case Step 7: Pull elastic through & glue cardstock
    THE END!

Assuming you have worked carefully, and with patience and precision, and that you were already in love with the materials you chose, you now have THE coolest iPad case you could have possibly imagined, for much less than a normal leather-bound case.

Totals for me:
Book from Goodwill: $2
Cardstock paper: $1
Glue: $2-3 (Estimating here since I already had plenty)
Vinyl: $5 (Also an estimate since I already had it)
TOTAL: Around $10-$11 dollars – and that’s adding cost to the things I already had laying around! How awesome is that?!

Now please enjoy the numerous glamour shots I’ve taken of my fancy schmancy case while you day-dream about what you’ll make yours with…

Monrogue DIY iPad case front cover homemade iPad case Outside cover - DIY iPad case at side view diy ipad case - closeup of edgework on iPad case

If you’re inspired to do your own iPad case project after this, please please share it with me! I’d love to see more like this as it’s really professional, effective, and pretty. Mine really keeps the sucker in there.. which I can vouch for when I accidentally tested it by throwing it off the bed one morning as I rolled over violently and it was flung onto the tile. iPad=safe and in the case! Woohoooo!!!

HAPPY DIY-ing!!!
XOXO Hannah

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  • jan
    October 15, 2013

    nice job!

  • Rob
    August 7, 2014

    This is brilliant! I plan to use an old moleskine hardback journal for an iPad mini case. I especially like the elastic corners…. Thanks for sharing!!