Hey road family! Today I launched a website aimed at helping full timers find a safe landing pad during this craziness.

The problem? IT’S EMPTY. It needs people like you to get the word out, so people with parking spaces, land, or campsites can add their listings to make it a useful resource.

If you know of someone who might have a safe place for an RVer to hunker down, whether for free or for rent, please share this with them and ask them to become a host.

You can specify everything from max RV size to whether there are hookups (and what kind!) and whether you are hosting ONLY as a COVID refuge, or just in general.

Feel free to share this post and hopefully this turns into something we can all use 💛

Hey road family! Today I...

Today marks 2 weeks since I’ve crossed back into the US, and I’ve only interacted with the public to pick up my RV and pick up mail. It’s odd because this is my typical lifestyle when not at some social event, but now it’s out of necessity instead of preference.

The desert has been an excellent place to hunker down, but being a fulltime RVer right now is strange and a little scary. The large majority of my road friends do not have home bases - and nobody knows if they’ll be “allowed” to stay where they are. Many in campgrounds are getting kicked out left and right when RV parks are deemed “non-essential” and BLM has closed areas with facilities. Right now we’re in a great spot, but I worry about interstate travel and more public land getting restricted, because eventually it will be too hot to stay here and we’ll need to move. I also want to avoid going “home” to family property in WA considering they are such a hot spot right now. I am definitely safer in the desert. So every day is a tossup... I think I speak for all RVers when I say it lacking a home base has never been this uncomfortable. Luckily right now we’re in a state/area *known* for and built on boondocking, so I doubt they will remove us (or even have capacity to enforce removals if they put restrictions in place) - but I still worry a bit. 😅

Anyways. That is #fulltimerv life in a ‘rona world. The good news is the desert is teeming with springtime beauty right now, and I am loving the peace and wildflowers around our little encampment. Enjoy!!

Today marks 2 weeks since...

I am sooo beyond happy to be back in the desert, with endless space and outdoor freedom, great weather, and obviously those Arizona sunsets. I have a bunch of things I need to catch up on posting from Baja but being back “home” in the states has been a massive sigh of relief. Not just with the pandemic, but I was definitely ready to get back home and have gratitude for the US in a new way (aside from the current healthcare 💩show happening.) Baja was fantastic and I loved every new experience there but like Dorothy said, there is no place like home. 😍 #desertlife #rvlife #fulltimerv #desertsunsets #arizona #boondocking #freedom #usa #merica #desertlove.

I am sooo beyond happy...

Instagram vs Reality swipe - “trying to get beach selfies with my dog” edition. God the water was so perfect. 💜
It’s Thursday, and a blogger I used to follow always did a “Things I Love Thursday” (TiLT).. and given our communal need for optimism right now, I’m going to start! So here are some things I love right now....
✨My mama for hand-sewing face masks ✨sunsets in the desert✨warm ocean waves (I can still imagine them!)✨that feeling when you crawl into bed under an electric blanket✨torrential rain that surprises you into the present moment✨waking up to sunshine streaming through my windows✨dreaming of a gazillion ideas for my tiny home on wheels✨perfectly cooked mashed potatoes✨having a fridge full of sweet produce like strawberries and bell peppers✨the taste of a damn good box of wine that you haven’t had in a while ✨that feeling when you put slippers on in the cold mornings✨the satisfaction of getting life chores like mail and banking done ✨ that first sip of coffee in the morning.

What are some things you’re loving today?

Instagram vs Reality swipe -...

Caught mid-shiver on my last day enjoying Baja’s beaches 💜

Caught mid-shiver on my last...

I haven’t posted much lately because life in Mexico is GO GO GO and I’m digging relaxing and working when it’s not. It has been a fun 6 weeks and we thought we’d stay down here all spring but both @dustydeezel and I are getting a little Baja’d out. But I’m looking back through so many pictures I haven’t posted and man it has been FUN! There are city letters in each city and I probably got 10 different San Felipe pics 🤓😛

I haven’t posted much lately...

Sometimes it feels like I’m cheating on my faithful ole’ gal while I’m enjoying the trip in this rig and dreaming of a modern pull-behind. But I feel better knowing she is safely tucked into a comfy spot next to another Jamboree. 😝

Sometimes it feels like I’m...

Some magic in Baja.... PETTING A GRAY 🐳😍😍🤩 Turn your sound on. The excitement from the group is palpable!! There is no bait or training involved here.. they simply come to this extra buoyant lagoon to give birth because it’s easier for the babies to learn how to swim, and for some reason love scratching themselves on the boats and getting love from the humans. This same lagoon is also the location of a commercial salt producer because of the high salinity.

I was lucky enough to snatch Tye’s phone from his pocket when this giant one swam up, thinking it might only visit for a moment as many others had. But this one LOVED neck scratches and came right up to the boat, turned over, and let us all give it a good scritch-scritch-scritch multiple times, happily closing its ginormous eye and gently relaxing each time it circled back. So grateful to have this moment captured. 💜

Whales are incredible, the earth is amazing, and life is good. This was an unforgettable activity and every day I am more and more grateful to be here.

Some magic in Baja.... PETTING...

DIY Furniture: Half Table & Striped Bench from Desk & Coffee Table

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Hello DIY and nail addicts!!

I have been meaning to post this/these project(s) for ages. Once upon a time, I found a GINORMOUS desk outside of a job interview.  I’m crazy and awesome, so we picked it up! Luckily my boyfriend had driven me in his giant creeper van, so in classic style, we threw it in the back and it sat in my living room for a while. Here’s how I found it:

desk before half table diy

After a while, we chopped it in half, spray painted it, added some aluminum strips that we have laying around (?!) and mounted it to the wall along with a coffee table that we turned into a bench. What does that make? LOVE!

finished half table bench

Just incase you’d rather click next than scroll through the page, here is a gallery of everything in one easy spot:

In this picture you can see the guts of the coffee table, with the warped particle board head behind the detached and spraypainted legs.  I got all revved up when I started this little project so forgot to take a true before, with the top still attached and unpainted legs. It wasn’t pretty, though!

coffee table pre-bench

No, I didn’t sand the legs. But that’s ok because spraypaint is awesome like that. If you need a good spray painting guide, check out Centsational Girl’s Spray Painting FAQ!

Here is the wood for the bench that we cut out to size, mid-quick-upholstering:

upholstering diy striped bench

I had picked this pink striped fabric specifically with a bench in mind somewhere in Downtown LA. Maybe even Michael Levine. I can’t remember right now though.

Look how pretty it is all finished!

diy half table and striped bench via monrogue

front view diy half table and striped bench by monrogue

corner view, diy half table & bench via monrogue mounted half table diy via monrogue half table and striped bench diy with antlers via monrogue

Don’t ask about the antler plaque. Ok, ask about it. 🙂 It was in my Christmas decorating post, as well… we’d really like to have made a head for it by now, but are just too busy. So for now it remains just a funny antler plaque!

half table and striped bench diy via monrogue

Don’t mind the strange coloring on these pictures.  I took some liberties playing around with new actions and filters for these shots.

Sadly we are moving in a couple of weeks, so we’ll have to un-mount it and might not have a great spot for it in our new place. It has made a perfect dining table in our tiny apartment while we’ve had it though, and the thought of taking it down at least motivated me to make this post finally before the tear-down.

If you liked this project, please feel free to like, share, and pin-away! Also, if you’ve done a half table or bench makeover from a coffee table, I’d love to see them! Let me know what you think o’ this one 🙂


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