Cute Quickie: Pink Manicure

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girly pink manicure

Ello Internet lovers! Just writing a quick post for these nails from my iPad (the best present ever – seriously – I can’t get off this thing! :P)

Both of these pinks are from Wet ‘n Wild, and I did a somewhat ombré – at least, attempted to – fade of glitter chunks on the tips and then as an accent on the lighter nail. What do you think? It didn’t last too long, as you can see I had already messed it up shortly after doing it on the thumb.. But I thought it was worth posting anyways. 🙂

I am thinking of doing a Sensationail gel kit giveaway here soon, or possibly for a new nail art blog.. Let me know your thoughts!

More pics and a green mani tomorrow. 🙂


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