Christmas on the Cheap: Dollar Store Decorating

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Christmas is almost here – I’m sure you’re already being visually assaulted from all direction with Christmas decor and style.  Well, I’m here to throw a bit more at you. 😉

dollar store christmas trinkets

You see, this is the first apartment I’ve had where I live with a boyfriend (a boyfriend who has great taste, nonetheless), rather than a group of roommates, who are either all heading somewhere else during the holiday or have already hijacked the common areas with their decorations.

hanging christmas decorations
The mister hanging some baubles.

We are going out of town and we did want to save money, but we still wanted to decorate the place for Christmas. The perfect solution, being in LA, is the Dollar Store! (AKA “99 Cents Only Store.”)

christmas antlers
Just kidding – this happened before we bought our decorations. 🙂

There happens to be a surprising selection of cute holiday decor to choose from at the Dollar Store.

dollar store xmas decorations
So many cute things!

We decorated our branch antler plaque that we made last month (which we have yet to make a head for…) as well as our diy chandelier and our fake fireplace which was found on the side of the road.  There’ll be a post about that one someday. 😉

Check out the gallery below to see what all we were able to do with about $20 for a cheap Dollar Store Christmas!

diy christmas chandelier
Christmas Chandelier? Yes please!
not your mother's christmas tree
Not exactly a traditional Christmas tree.


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